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  • 100W Portable Foldable Solar Panel Charger Kit

    Save money on electricity by harnessing the power of the sun!  Use this portable, foldable solar charging kit to charge phones, tablets, laptops, RV batteries and more.  It also comes with a one-year warantee. This makes a great gift for campers, backpackers, RVers, travelers, hikers, and people who care about the enviroment.

  • Xpeng HT Aero Will Launch First Flying Car in 2024

    This two-seater flying car is steet-legal, going from road to sky. You’ll feel like you’re batman riding this beast.  It’s set to launch in 2024. Click Delight Me to watch the video or go to to learn more!

  • Turn Dumbbells Into Kettlebells Quickly

    Want to convert your dumbbells into kettlebells at will?  This will do it for you and is so easy to use.  Just place your own dumbbell into the grip, close the handle, and snap  the latch. Fits different size hands (both men and women) and provides a secure, comfortable grip.

  • LED Flashlight Gloves Light Up Areas You Want To Focus On

    These gloves are indispensable in helping you see while you ride your bike, work in not-well-lit conditions, and when you are doing assembly work.  A little tool makes a bit difference – some people report liking them even better than headlamps. Makes a thoughtful, useful gift.

  • Customizable 8″ Robot Battery Powered Alarm Clock

    Add some fun personality to any room in your living space with this robot clock. It features movable arms, legs, hands and feet so you can pose your robot in different ways on different days.

  • Amazon Prime Membership-The Gift That Keeps On Giving

    Not sure what to get for someone? Give the gift that everyone can use and keeps on giving for a year – an Amazon Prime membership. Your loved one will get free Amazon delivery, free grocery delivery, free returns on Prime items and much more. They’ll be able to use Prime to order whatever they want.

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  • Noise Reduction Safety Earmuffs/Divorce Preventers

    These noise reduction headphones really cut down noise, according to reviewers. If you’re sensitive to loud noises, prefer a quiet environment, or simply need to drown out the sound of an overchatty spouse, friend, or neighbor, just place these over your ears and enjoy the blissful silence.

  • Vector the Smart Robot w/ Alexa Built In

    Tired of your family & friends? Have no fear, Vector your new companion robot is here.  Vector is voice-activated, has Alexa built in, will answer your questions, take photos for you, show you the weather, and more.

  • The Ultimate Luxurious Triple Monitors Gaming Chair Station

    Spend up to 16 hours a day gaming, video editing, filming, answering emails, and building a new website without any back pain. This is a gamer’s dream come true – an incredibly comfortable chair that offers zero gravity positioning so you can work or game while feeling like you’re floating on air.

  • LCD 10″ Doodle Board, Reusable Writing Tablet

    Capture your brilliant, fleeting ideas in this doodle board. Don’t let your next genius idea fly away. Also great for kids to play on without wasting paper. It is extremely lightweight and easily portable.