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  • 32′ Above Ground Rectangular Swimming Pool

    Want to spare yourself the expense of maintaining a below-ground swimming pool while still getting your laps in whenever you want? Then this Intex 32′ x 16′ x 4’4″ above-ground pool set may be for you. It features a sand filter pump, a ladder, ground cloth and pool cover. You can have friends and family over and make great memories–and just enjoy it for yourself whenever you want to immerse yourself in water.  Enjoy!

  • Turn Dumbbells Into Kettlebells Quickly

    Want to convert your dumbbells into kettlebells at will?  This will do it for you and is so easy to use.  Just place your own dumbbell into the grip, close the handle, and snap  the latch. Fits different size hands (both men and women) and provides a secure, comfortable grip.

  • 2-In-1 Walking Roller Skating Sneakers

    Imagine going for a walk and then suddenly you’re struck with the urge to skate, to glide, to move quickly. Just use the switch at the back of these shoes, the wheels pop up, and you’re rolling as much as your heart desires!

  • Jump/Squeak Indoor/Outdoor Foam Pogo Jumper For Kids Up to 250 Pounds

    Jump and squeak! The foam bottom makes this suitable for indoor and outdoor jumping around, and it squeaks every time it bounces, which is a delight for kids. It supports up to 250 pounds, so no matter what size your child is, this will provide exercise that feels like play. Get your kid off the screen and sofa and on to some vigorous real-world fun!

  • LED Flashlight Gloves Light Up Areas You Want To Focus On

    These gloves are indispensable in helping you see while you ride your bike, work in not-well-lit conditions, and when you are doing assembly work.  A little tool makes a bit difference – some people report liking them even better than headlamps. Makes a thoughtful, useful gift.

  • Amazon Prime Membership-The Gift That Keeps On Giving

    Not sure what to get for someone? Give the gift that everyone can use and keeps on giving for a year – an Amazon Prime membership. Your loved one will get free Amazon delivery, free grocery delivery, free returns on Prime items and much more. They’ll be able to use Prime to order whatever they want.

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  • Giant Chess Set

    Need to add some spice to an outdoor party? Or provide endless, thoughtful entertainment for your friends and family? Combine your inner nerd with some healthy sunshine and fresh air by using this outdoor giant chess set. The pieces range from 28-37″ and will stand the test of time.