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  • 12 Pack Vegan Lemon Poppy Mini Muffins

    These scrumptious mini muffins are vegan and have no dairy, eggs, nuts or soy. You can get them for yourself if you have Amazon Fresh. Why not eat these while wearing your new Mega Pint tee shirt? They make a great snack, and let’s keep it real, who doesn’t love lemon poppy flavor?

  • Pan Pot Organizer Rack for Kitchen Cookware

    Stop wasting time hunting down your lost pots and pans! This 8-tier rack will keep them organized and at the ready so you can spend your time cooking, not searching. Check the measurements to see if this will fit inside your cabinet, on a countertop, or wherever you want to put it.

  • Baskin Robbins Launches New Non-Dairy Flavor

    Baskin Robbins launches its first non-dairy flavor made with coconutmilk, and it sounds delicious. “Non-Dairy Mint Chocochunk” is a sweet, mint-flavored frozen dessert with thick chocolate chunks and delectable fudge swirls. Baskin Robbins has other non-dairy options, but this is the first one made with coconut milk.

  • Moroccan Tagine Ceramic Cookware

    This gorgeously-designed, handmade, hand-painted tagine cookware can be used to cook appetizers, main course meals and baked desserts.  This two-piece set is ideal for a wedding gift, anniversary gift, housewarming gift, a Christmas or birthday gift for someone who loves to cook or someone who loves Morocco.

  • Recycled 70s/80s Music Records Vinyl LPs Bowls

    Do you know a music lover, or perhaps you are one yourself? These set of five vinyl LPs are handcrafted and a perfect gift for music lovers and would also be cool for making a unique gift basket.  Each bowl is made from real 1970s and 80s rock music albums. The bowls you get won’t be the exact ones you see in the photo, but they will be rock-themed records.  

  • Three Pounds Of Vegan Baklava Sweet Pastries

    These sweet, vegan (they’re cooked with ghee, not butter) treats are a great gift for the person who has everything, or for someone who you don’t know what kind of gift they’d like. It’s a gift that the recipient can chow down on themselves, and/or share with others. Just make sure the recipient can have gluten, and if the answer is yes, this would make a great, nurturing gift!

  • Black Fermented Garlic Good-For-You Cloves

    This would make a unique gift for any chef or garlic lover in your life. This Black Garlic is planted in Alberta Canada, is 100% Natural, high in antioxidants, and has only one ingredient. The 90-day fermentation process allows it to develop its darker color, softer texture and sweeter taste.

  • Amazon Prime Membership-The Gift That Keeps On Giving

    Not sure what to get for someone? Give the gift that everyone can use and keeps on giving for a year – an Amazon Prime membership. Your loved one will get free Amazon delivery, free grocery delivery, free returns on Prime items and much more. They’ll be able to use Prime to order whatever they want.

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  • 1970s Retro Nostalgia Candy Gift Box

    Transport your friends who made it through the 70s right back to the good old days with this 70s nostalgic candy gift box. You’ll bring a smile to the face of anyone who enjoyed the sweet sugary goodness of Bottle Caps, Razzles, Laffy Taffy and more. Far out.
  • World’s Largest Gummy Bear

    The original world’s largest gummy bear weighs a massive (ok, massive for a gummy bear) five pounds! It’s equivalent to 1,400 gummy bears and comes in delectable blue raspberry, grape, cherry, green apple, orange, pineapple and strawberry flavors. Makes a unique gift for a gummy lover.

  • The Complete Beer Course: Boot Camp for Beer Geeks

    Show your friends how much smarter you are than them by antagonizing them with the colossal amount of beer knowledge you gleaned from reading this 320-page book. This course will teach you all about the different kinds of beers, what foods to pair beer with, and even how to start your own beer cellar. Cheers!

  • Hand Painted Basketball Mug Bowl With A Miniature Hoop

    Make eating and drinking more fun with this mug, which lets you toss cereal or marshmallows through its miniature basketball hoop.   It’s oversized and shaped like half of a basketball and gives kids and adults mealtime entertainment.

  • Brown Sugar Bear- Sugar Saver and Softener

    Do you have a bag of hard, clumped-together sugar?   This actually works to soften it completely! Wash it when you get it, submerge in water for 20 minutes, then place it in your bag of sugar and the next day you’ll see that your sugar has totally softened again…like magic!